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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Geyser valley – Avachinsky volcano - rafting at the river Bystraya - boat trip - Mutnovskiy volcano – Gorely volcano- it is very informative, intensive and varied tour that introduces in very short terms with the brightest of tourism anchors of Kamchatka.

You will visit unique places of Kamchatka during the tour: active volcanoes Avachinskiy and Mutnovskiy, which are some of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka. You can see Wonder of the World- unique and wonderful geyser valley. You will go for a sea trip along the Avachinskaya bay and the Pacific Ocean, you will feast eyes on largest breeding site of the sea birds. You will raft at the river Bystraya which flows away between majestic mountains of the Sredinny Range. There will be an opportunity to look on nature of Kamchatka: brown bears, birds, salmon runs in the rivers. During the tour you will be able to swim at natural hot springs and pools with thermal waters.

1st day. Meet at the airport. Passage to Petropavlovsk (25 km). Accommodation at “Orka” camp, rest, promenade around the city, 20.00 p.m. is a dinner with guide, discussions about program.

2nd day. Free day. People who want can make a helicopter tour to geyser valley and caldera of the volcano Uzon with fly around of the Karymskiy (1486m) and Maliy Semyachik (1560 m) volcanoes. Walking tours alongside the geyser valley and Uzon volcano’s caldera, swimming at natural hot springs named “Zhupanovskiye”.

3rd day. Climbing on Avachinskiy volcano (2749 m) . this journey lasts for 5-6 hours and descent of the mountain lasts for 2-3 hours.

4th day. Journey to Paratunka settlement. Swimming at the pools with hot thermal water. Return to the  camp.

5th day. Transfer by cars to the river Bystraya (120 km). beginning of the rafting by inflatable rafts. The rafting takes place between majestic mountains of the Sredinny Range at the river with two rapids, which is safe enough for first-timers and the most important that these places are between untouched nature. Supper will be near the campfire with fish soup. Camping will be in the wild.

6th day. We continue the rafting with crossing 2 rapids. You can fishing, pick mushrooms and berries, look on wild duck and sea-gulls, and if you are lucky you will see bears and Steller's sea eagle All this things make the rafting very interesting and entertaining. . Camping will be in the wild.

7th day.  We complete the rafting by crossing 1 rapid. Transfer by car on the roads of high trafficability to Petropavlovsk city (180 km). Accommodation on the “Orka” camp.

8th day. Day cruise to Avachinskaya bay (5-6 hours). Visit of the breeding site of the sea birds of the islands “Babushkin Kamen” and “Tri brata”. Sea walking to the island “Starichkov”.

The car tour of the high comfort goes to Mutnovskiy volcano at the close of the tour (100 km). Camping.

9th day. There will be climbing to the volcanic crater of the Mutnovskiy volcano (2323 m). Viewing of the active steam vents, mountain lake. Volcanic crater of the Mutnovskiy volcano is one of the brightest volcanic phenomena of the Kamchatka. High walls surround wide and deep crater cavity with glistening glaciers split by cracks and attacks of the boiling fumaroles (climbing lasts 8 hours). Camping is in the wild.

10th  day. Climbing to Gorely volcano (1829 m), walking on lava flow, slag fields, seeing three craters with little lakes (tour lasts 6 hours). Transfer to the "Orka" camp in the evening.

11th day. Breakfast. Visiting of the fish market. Shopping. Transfer to the airport.


 Helicopter tour to the Valley of the Geysers and the Uzon volcano caldera is conducted under favorable weather conditions and it is extra paid. 

The minimum group is at least 8 people.


The tour includes:

- three meals daily during all  tour;

- guide services during all  tour;

- accommodation at the “Orka” camp;

- basic equipment (tents, rafts etc);

- transportation services (a bus, a cross-country car, boat).


The tour excludes:

-          a purchase of the strong drinks and cigarettes;

-          a flight to Kamchatka peninsula.


Recommended equipment:

1) backpack or travel bag;

2) sleeping bag, camping mat,

3) hiking boots or watertights,

4) 2nd pair of boots (sneakers);

5) personal hygiene products, swimming gear,

6) anorak;

7) pull-over or fleece jacket;

8) sunglasses;

9) cap;

10) flashlight ;

11) gloves ;

12) telescopic poles;

13) personal first aid kit;

14) mosquito spray.

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