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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Bay Russkaya

Rocky shores and large number of small and medium-sized creeks of Avacha Bay form interesting place for sea fishing. Depth in the bays is small - 15 - 20 meters. Beaches are usually rocky and steep, rising to 200 - 300 m above the water. Rivers flow into the bays, in which numerous herds of salmon tend to spawn from May to late November.

There are numerous bird colonies on the ocean side. Cormorants, tufted puffins, puffins, auklets, ducks, various gulls and other birds, circling in the air, alternately dive for prey in rich fish waters from dawn to dusk. There is a huge amount of fish in the river. In addition to the species found in Avacha Bay (flounder, grouper, saffron cod, flax, rasp, etc.), sometimes you can meet cod, halibut, herring sometimes sharks.

Tour program:

Day 1:

Departure into the sea at 5 am to catch the still sleeping nature of the ocean. On the way to the bay, we'll see bounding sharks at a lunche, a flock of killer whales, dolphins who will accompany us on the road, and the whales who will follow its own path. Passing stones of La Perouse you can observe sea otters, sipping in the sun. In approximately 9 am, we'll come to the Bay «Russian» and we'll able to watch the sea lion rookery. Then we'll log into the quiet cozy beach, where we take a break from the road, have lunch, to land on a beautiful beach and  walk. At this time, or on the way, the diver will produce you a seafood for tasting. We will offer you fishing and a wonderful holiday in this area. Parking and overnight on the boat will be in the same bay.

Day 2:

The next morning, slow following in the direction to home with sightseeing and fishing. In the 17 hours planned arrival in the port.


The program includes: 

rental boats + overnight on boat;


services: cooks and service diver;

boat motor.


sports windproof clothing;


sleeping bag;


Additional charges: 

gear (* in case of breakage / damage gear by customer, he pays their full cost)

Force Majeure: 

weather conditions (heavy fog, storm, etc.);

actions of the military and government agencies.