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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Sea fishing


 Sea fishing at Avacha gulf  

Rocky coast and a large number of small and medium-sized coves of the Avacha Gulf form  interesting places for sea fishing. The depth of the bays is not so big and is about 15-20 m. Coasts, usually rocky and steep, surface in 200 - 300 m above the water. From May to October Numerous shoals of the salmon, that aim at spawning, fill the rivers that fall into the bays. Birdy spots are situated near the ocean side.

Cormorants, puffins, puffins, auklets, ducks, various gulls, and other different birds from dawn until nightfall fly in the air interchangeably swooping  down in patches of right water.  And there are a lot of fish. Besides to species occurring in Avacha Gulf (flounder, perch, Laminaria, goldilocks, mackerel, etc.), here periodically are caught cod, halibut, herring and sometimes blue painters.

Time: from June to September.

The program: sailing on a motor boat to the place of fishing ground (the bays Spaseniya, Sarannaya, Bezimannaia, Starichkov Island etc), fishing on a boat, then launch on a boat and return to the city.