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ATV-safari "Bath sources"

Big Bath sources are known from the time of S.P. Krasheninnikov visit (1737-1740). They are located on the floodplain terrace of the left bank of the river “Bath” and presented to 24 groups on the thermal area (1,5 km). There are more than 550 boiling, bubbling, flowing, sometimes with the spa regime, centered, less often - scattered output of thermal water and mud pots. The walls of some griffins and grounds around them are covered with siliceous sinter. Strong plate of geyserite, exposed above the water's edge in the river “Bath” shows former activity of these sources. The chemical composition of water sources is primarily sodium sulfate with total mineralization 0,7-1,4 g / l with a silica content of up to 300 mg / liter. Spontaneous gas is dominated by nitrogen and CO2. Very small amounts of boron and arsenic is present in the water and geysers.

Small Bath springs are located in 5 km away from «Big bath”, also in the upper river «Bath» (left bank), on the right bank of the river Small Key. Visible output of hot water with temperatures up to 76 ° C are concentrated  in a small area (about 36 m2), where  a warm stream begins. In places of the outputs of thermal water on the pebbles outputs of white salts (sulfates and geysers) are formed  and around the exits - the usual thermophilic algae. The chemical composition of water, like «Big Bath sources», is sodium sulfate.

Tour program (2 days with one night stay at the base of "Bath"):

Day 1:

Meeting tourists at the busstop «Cottagers»

Transfer to the base "ORCA", selection of equipment

Transfer to the village Nachiki

The departure for the route. On the way stop will be made for lunch (sandwiches and tea)

Arriving at the base "Bath", accommodation

Optionally, you can swim in the pool.


Night at the base

Day 2:


Excursion to the mountain "Chest" (1200m)

Small fishing


Returning to the village «Nachiki»

Transfer to the base "ORCA"

Route description: 

It is interesting, full route for people who love extreme rest. It is replete with a huge number of tracks: mud baths, steep climbs / descents, stone, dry rivers, swamps, passes. In a way you will speed up the rivers and streams (up to 30 times).

Distance: 50km

Minimum group: 4 people


1) sports windproof clothing, headgear;

2) change of clothing and footwear (rubber boots);

3) photo and video equipment;

4) protective measures against mosquitoes;

5) sunglasses/ ski goggles;

6) sleeping;

7) scarf (to protect your face and respiratory system).

The program includes:

1. rolling ATV (2 days);

2. meals on the route;

3. guide services;

4. chef services;

5. equipment (helmet, protective jacket and trousers);

6. transfer program;

7. Accommodation at the base.

 The program does’t include:

  1. use of the pool.