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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy - Rafting – climbing to the volcano Avacha - Valley of the Geysers - Vilyuchinsky waterfall and hot springs - Boat trip to  the island Starichkov.

Welcome to Kamchatka peninsula! Kamchatka is a unique by its natural resources region, famous for its wealth around the World: volcanoes, fishing, Valley of the geysers, hot healing springs  etc. Large region and huge desire of the tourists to see as much as possible, but not everybody have possibility to make it… our company created single-week tour  around Kamchatka, which includes in program most popular tours, that vary by objects and topics. This tour gives opportunity to get to know and get to like this amazing and unique region. Just seven days and your dream comes true!

The program of the tour.

1st day. Arrival to Kamchatka  peninsula. Meet at the airport Yelizovo an acquaintance with company’s representatives. Bag claim. Transfer to “Orka” camp. Rest. Loop tour at the historical centre of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy city. Short stories about Kamchatka, its flora and fauna, about exploration of the Petropavlovskiy harbor, about great heroic acts. Return to the camp. Night at the “Orca” camp.

2nd day. Rafting at the river Levaya Avacha. Natural landmark called “Aquarium”. “Aquarium” is unique and stunningly beautiful place: heavy, steep basalt cliffs that are washed by turbulent flow of pure water that overflows into the deep blue backwater, which is formed due to tectonic fault between the rocks. will allow you to have a rest from everyday worries

You will have a rest from daily routine owing to gorgeous coloring of the Kamchatka nature like fresh air, loaded with fragrance of herbs and flowers, pure  tasty water, active leisure. impressive views at volcanoes will be shown to you during rafting: Koryakskiy, Arik, Aag; amazing beauty of the rapids, basalt rocks, caves; and it is possible to see bears and  waterfowls. Stops at scenic countryside are contemplated. We recommend to fans of fishery to take equipment for fishing of loach (e.g. by trolling- Alaska western char is about 50 sm or by Fishing buoy- loach is about 15 sm  ). Equipment: spinning 1.5-25 m, fishing line or fishing cord 0,15-02 mm, spoon hook -3-5.

3rd day. There will be climbing on active volcano Avachinskaya bald peak. This volcano is double volcano kind of Somme- Vesuvius. Travelers all over the world are delighted with striking likeness with legendary volcano Vesuvius that ruined Pompeii. There are active fumaroles at present time that are associated with various pieces of lava, which fills volcanic vent. The best view is in the top. From the top of the volcano opens a delight view on the city, the ocean and volcanoes.

4th day. Free day. Breakfast at the “Orka” camp. You can purchase a helicopter tour to the Valley of the Geysers or any other one day trip.

5th day. There will be a trip to waterfalls of the Spokoiniy stream. Vilyuchinskiye hot springs. Rather small valley is situated at a height of 300 m above a sea level south-eastward from Vilyuchinskiy volcano. It is hidden prying eyes from three sides. The stream Spokoiniy and the river Vilyuchinskaya go down into this valley. Very beautiful waterfall is situated at this compact world and its water falls from 30 m of the height. This waterfall is embosomed in great rocks which are covered by pink Kamchatka rhododendrons. This waterfall popularly is called “Plaits of Veronika” because the rocks look like form of young girl and spilling water resembles her voluminous hair.

Nearly  invisible stream flows out of the smooth hillside and it flows between thick, impenetrable forest, overgrown along the river without any additional noise; then at once it falls into shallow ponds dug in the ground, framed by large rocks and logs of wood. Vilyuchinskiye spring wells do not amaze by their power, scope and landscaping, but they are decorated with travertine domes and dense colonies of thermophilic algae. Temperature of the water at pools changes from cool to hot water which can be used to bathe legs. That’s why people who make an ablution can choose the pool at their pleasure and feeling.

6th day. Boat tour to island Starichkov. This tour begins from output of the  boat to the bay Tikhaya, the island Babushkin Kamen and beak-head Stanitskiy. Next boat moves to the Island Mountains “Tri brata”, which are one of the trademarks of Petropavlovsk (way time is approximately 1 hour). Brief stop is contemplated for amateur photography here. Sea voyage to the island Starichkov (Avacha Gulf aquatorium), observation of the marine mammals and bird colonies. A fishery.  At the time of the stop dive-guide will collect at the ocean floor the urchins, crabs, and you will be able to eat them with relish. Sea urchin roe is 1 of the most valuable seafood, extraordinary rich by protein, and it can be used in the prophylaxis of many diseases. Fish soup from salmon id fishes, seafood dishes made of fresh seadood are essential parts of the boat tour.

7th day. Accompanying service at departure.

Note: Helicopter tours are carried out under favorable weather conditions. The tour program can be changed  under the reasons beyond the control of the tour operator.


The tour includes:

- three meals daily during all  tour;

- guide services during all  tour;

- accommodation at the “Orca” camp;

- basic equipment (tents, rafts etc);

- transportation services (a bus, a cross-country car, boat);


The tour excludes:

-          a purchase of the strong drinks and cigarettes;

-          a flight to Kamchatka peninsula.


Recommended equipment:

1) backpack or travel bag;

2) sleeping bag, camping mat,

3) hiking boots or watertights,

4) 2nd pair of boots (sneakers);

5) personal hygiene products, swimming gear,

6) anorak;

7) pull-over or fleece jacket;

8) sunglasses;

9) cap;

10) flashlight ;

11) gloves ;

12) telescopic poles;

13) personal first aid kit;

14) mosquito spray.


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