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Travel suggestions

Travel suggestions for Kamchatka tourists

There are some direct flights to Kamchatka peninsula made by such airlines as "Aeroflot", "Transaero", "Siberia", "Vladavia", "Yakutia", "Russia".

Yelizovo town airport is one of the main places of the tourists’ arrival at this region. Airport of the Yelizovo town has international status. There is an international sector for foreign tourists’ arrival. Air transport plays a significant role at the transport accessibility of Kamchatka, because the main passenger transportation between Kamchatka and other regions is accomplished only by aircraft.

The administrative center is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy city.

Population of the region is 320 000.

Time difference: with Moscow is + 8 hours and with Vladivostok is +1 hour.

Dialing code is 4152.

Permission for visiting: is not necessary.

Cost of food:  it varies from 300 rubles (e.g. lunch at the caf? or restaurant) to 1000 rubles (e.g. dinner at the restaurant, excluding strong drinks).

Tipping is not usually included in the cost but it’s possible to tip for good service. Popular tip is about 10% of the price of the order.

Taxi: the price of the taxi is about 250 rubles within the city and about 800 rubles from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Yelizovo.

Bus:  price for 1 bus ticket at the city public transport is about 18 rubles and for 1 bus ticket at intercity bus is about 50 rubles.


The climate of the Kamchatka peninsula 

Extraordinary diversity and instability of weather caused by geographical position, the movement of air masses, relief, the influence of the surrounding seas and the Pacific Ocean is typical for Kamchatka’s climate. Coastal area of the peninsula has the features of the oceanic climate. Central and Northern parts of the peninsula have more inland climate.  The best time for travelling at Kamchatka begins from August to September, because the most of the tour facilities are available at this time and the weather is more stable. The best time for diving is from June to mid of July, because of better visibility and lack of large amounts of suspended solid material in water. 



Kamchatka is the eastern periphery of the Russia and remains nowadays one of the least populated regions of the country. The crime rate is relatively low due to the inaccessibility of the territory (only airways) and work of the regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless, we advise you do not leave your baggage without keeping and do not trust the strangers.

There is a risk of illness or injury during travelling alongside of Kamchatka, like at any part of the world, whether traveling on the water, walking in the mountains and being served in our company or traveling by your own. It can be caused by the natural forces, objective and unpredictable factors, as well as someone’s own carelessness. Our Instructors before a trip for reducing the risk tell about possible difficulties and danger which can be met on the route and they explain how to behave at such situation. Trips are often conducted in remote areas where immediate assistance can be made with difficulty. You can always count on first aid measures that immediately will be made for you by our workers before the arrival of special qualified medical assistance.  First aid box with all necessary medicines and operational communications for connection with emergency medicine and evacuation from the route are always at disposal of our instructors.


There are forest flies at Kamchatka forests but there is no any case of encephalitis disease found out by departments of the epidemiological surveillance at this region. We suggest tourists to be vaccinated against hepatitis and tetanus.


Useful telephone numbers at Kamchatka peninsula

State department of the Emergency Situations Ministry, RF at Kamchatka Krai: 42-10-84, 41-22-22.

Duty officer of the Department of State institution of the Datacenter (rescue party): 41-03-95.

All-purpose operations control duty desk: 01, 112. 

Police: 02

Ambulance service: 03

Fire protection service: 01

Inquiry office: 300-500 (free of charge)

Dialing code of Yelizovo: 41531.


Tourist season

Kamchatka is fine and amazing at all seasons.

At winter and spring: ski trips, helicopter trips to the hot springs and volcanoes, fascinating ice fishing of the giants char and kundscha, snowmobiling and dog sledding, visiting hot healing springs.

At summer (June-August): walking tours to the mountain lakes and hot springs, climbing on volcanoes Avachinskiy, Mutnovskiy, Goreliy, Tolbachik, where you can observe the majestic volcanicity and experience the role of the winner of the mountains. You can visit the natural landmarks, hot thermal springs and get acquainted with cute sagacious animals during horse riding tours. You can experience rafting and great fishing jeep-tours to volcanoes and hot thermal springs, boat tours and diving. The gracious land of Kamchatka peninsula is ready to share with its environmental assets: you pure air and water, fjords and sea isles, fire of the volcanoes and gletschers, hot healing thermal springs, intact nature and authentic culture of Kamchatka’s province inhabitances.


Unexplored wilderness

Visiting of the interesting natural areas are included in all offered by our company tours and excursions. You will be able to admire by the amazing beauty of the wild Kamchatka. You will see bears and salmon at fishing tours or during helicopter tour to a Lake Kurilskoye.  You will see rockery, sealery and seals, sea fishing during sea excursions. In addition during visiting the Mutnovskiy volcano and geyser valley you will see Geysers, fumaroles (steam vent) and miraculous paysage.  You will be able to experience amazing change of the vegetation belt, contrast of the summer heat and cool glaciers, healthfulness of the thermal springs at Nalychevo and Timonovo.


Individual customer service

We can help you to form individual tour in case if you do not like sample programs or do not want to come in on group. Transfer to the assembly place of the group, accommodation and meals are not included in price of the individual tours and excursions.  You can easily make convenient in duration and content tour from available components and we will be glad to help you to realize your trip.

Escort: manager of our company meets, accompanies, coordinates and escorts every tourism groups, serving according to a standard or an individual program. You can get a ticket for individual tours and excursions at our sales office with an address  at office № 1, 19 Gorky str. Nuances: “Escort” includes hotel reservation, catering and other services, order and coordination of transfers (car, airplane, sea transport), coordination of the visits during the  tours and excursions, information support.

Meals. There is a note at incoming services of sample programs of the tours where you can see what kind of the meals is included e.g. meal at hotel caf? or restaurant etc. Excursions include lunch and dinner; in addition you can visit a restaurant, a coffee bar or kebab-house during outings and city tours. Three hot meals and drinks (e.g. mineral water, juices) are provided during multi-day tours conducted in the field conditions. The food is cooked using only fresh products of high quality. Russian traditional meals are included in our menu. Nuances: strong drinks, wine and beer are not included in the price of tours and excursions. You will have an opportunity to buy them at stores before the trip. You should notify in advance if special diet is necessary for you and our chef will try to cook additional dishes based on your diet.

Necessary things

We strongly recommend you take only necessary thing to reduce the weight of your backpack maximally and to prevent overweight of your luggage at airport. The list of the necessary equipment is shown at tour or excursion program.

Usual recommended tourist equipment:

Travelling backpack (big enough, minimum 65 lts, to keep all your stuff, sleeping bag, (insulating pad, and raincoat).  Your attention must be paid to comfort of your backpack (it must have special slings for your shoulders and waist). Also we suggest you to have additional bag for stuff that you will keep at a town before the route.

Recommended list of the clothes:

Special leather or waterproof boots with thick soles, which fix feet for the long, walks transitions (the boots MUST NOT be new, it’s better to wear old shoes to feel comfort during the trip).

Extra boots in case you get your shoes wet or to rest your feet while staying in the camp.

Sandals are very convenient for crossings of the rivers and streams, for walks around the camp and the city.

Waterproof clothing ((jacket or pilot coat and pants).

Waistcoat. It can be useful after sundown, because the temperature can drop significantly.

Thick sweater or fleece jacket. They are especially necessary in June and September, as at these months at night the temperature can drop very much.

2-3 T-shirts are preferably with collar and one with long sleeves.

Pants and shorts must be made of light material to keep warm when the temperature drops (wearing jeans is not recommended).

2 pairs of the gloves: one pair must be from fine wool and second  from waterproof  and windproof material.


Wool or fleece hat and cap or panama.

At least 2 pairs of socks: first must be linen and thin and second pair must be  thick woolen socks (thick socks to prevent the formation of callosity). Wearing  cotton and synthetic socks is not recommended during long walks transitions.


Gaiters are especially practical when climbing mountains and passing marshland.

Down-padded coat for winter and spring travel.

Tourist equipment:

Sleeping bag and its thickness depends on the season. In addition there is recommendation to take cotton sheet.

Big backpack (its holding capacity must be minimum 65 lts)

Insulating pad;

Waterproof parcel for documents;

Plastic bottle:  2 one-liter bottles;

Sunglasses (it must be ski glasses at winter or spring season)

Necessary medicines (plaster, headache pills, from stomachache, diarrhea, allergy, etc.);

A small flashlight and extra batteries for it.

Mosquito bites remedy and mosquito net.

Soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a shampoo, a hairbrush.

Additionally next things can come in useful:

Camera and film;

Notebook and pen;

Stitching and needle (pin);

Pocket knife;

Small binoculars;

Small mirror.

Nuances: at brief tours sleeping bag, tent and camping mattress usually are provided by our company.

It's important (!!!): it’s necessary to have special high-sided and hard-soled (hiking) boots during climbing the volcanoes and long hiking tours.

Money and banks.

Nuances: You can get your cash money from your credit cards at banks, ATM and malls of Kamchatka. You can make a purchase at big malls using your credit card. You always can make a conversion at currency exchange office.



you can buy various Kamchatka souvenirs at gift shops; such as stone, wood and leather articles; the traditional national beadwork; articles made of ivory, teeth and claws of a bear etc. There is literature, DVDs, video, maps about Kamchatka available at gift shops and bookstores. 

Smoked fishes can be found at fish markets, e.g. red blue-black, Chinook, soho salmon, blue halibut and Atlantic halibut, rock greenling, rock trout, caviar of the various kinds of salmon, salted herring, as well as dried-salted flounder, catfish etc . Fresh salmon and sea fish are always available at store: saffron cod, cod, Alaska pollock, halibut, squid and octopus, Kamchatka frozen shrimp, various cans.

Nuances: we suggest buying fresh and smoked fish at fish markets. Fresh fish is not sold at supermarkets. Frozen fish at supermarkets can be of not so good quality.  Best thing to buy fish at Yelizovskiy fish market because there fresh fish is delivered by suppliers every morning right from the rivers and the majority of the smoked fish suppliers have their departments Yelizovo town area.  This piece of advice is referred to fresh meat and vegetables of the local agricultural sector too. Fruit, milk and sour milk products, pasta, etc. are mostly imported. Sausage and sausage products are mainly locally produced, they are fresh-made and of good quality.



Additional information you can get connecting with us by the phones - b8 (4152) 23-47-42, 89638313313 (313-313) or writing at our e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There are forest flies at Kamchatka forests but there is no any case of encephalitis disease found out by departments of the epidemiological surveillance at this region. We suggest tourists to be vaccinated against hepatitis and tetanus.2 pairs of the gloves: one pair must be from fine wool and second  from waterproof  and windproof material.

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