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Sightseeing tour of Kamchatka



Valley of the Geysers – Avachinskiy volcano - Zelenovskie lakes – Goreliy and Mutnovskiy volcanoes - boat trip - Malkinskie hot springs – tour around the city.

It’s brief but eventful and insightful tour at the time of what you personally become acquainted with unique nature of Kamchatka and its civilized centre named Petropavlovsk.

1st day. Meet at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Accommodation at the “Orca” camp. Rest. Then you can experience a trip to Paratunka village and bathing at a pool with thermal water.

2nd day. This day we can make a helicopter tour to Valley of the Geysers and Uzon volcano’s caldera. Lunch at the Valley of the Geysers. Return to the camp will be in the evening.

3rd day. You will make a tour by quad bikes to the volcano Avachinskiy. A promenade to the mountain Verblyud and volcano ridge. We can make a climbing on volcano Avachinskiy (2749 m) at your pleasure. In that case departure from the city will be at six in the morning. The climbing lasts for 6-8 hours. The climbing can be stopped on your request. Return to the city at night.

4th day. There will be sight-seeing tour around the city and fish market. Then there will be a trip to the Pacific Ocean’s coast, at black beach. An outing at the seaside. A trip to the springs named Zelenovskie lakes. A bathing is at healing, sulfurated, thermal water. A return to the city is at night.

5th day. There will be a car tour straight across the tableland of Vilyuchinskiy and Goreliy volcanoes to the foot of Mutnovskiy volcano (110 km). Excursion that has a stretch of road about 2,5 km and goes to the country hot springs that are called minor valley of the geysers. There will be a possibility to visit a Verhneparatunskie hot springs and watch Vilyuchinskiy waterfall. Return to the camp at night.

6th day. A boat tour is around Avachinskaya bay. We will be able to see a nesting place of the sea birds at the isles Babushkin bkamenand Tri Brata. Then we will gain the sea till Starichkov island. Then we will see the biggest nesting place of the sea birds of Kamchatka peninsula (among them Steller's sea eagle). Sea fishing. Lunch cooked from red salmon. Chance encounters dolphins, sea lions, killer whales. There is possibility to meet dolphins, sea lions, orcas.

7th day. A car tour to the Malkinskie hot springs. A bathing is at natural hot springs. A return to the camp is at night.

8th day. There will be a visiting of the fish market and gift shops. Transfer to airport. sequence alteration of the events is possible.


The tour includes:

1) accommodation at the “Orca” camp;

2)  transportation services according to programm;

3)  basic group equipment;

4)  guide services during all  tour;

5)  breakfasts;

6)  meals according to programm;

7) excursions according to programm.


Recommended equipment:

1) backpack or travel bag;

2) sleeping bag, camping mat,

3) hiking boots or watertights,

4) 2nd pair of boots (sneakers);

5) personal hygiene products, swimming gear,

6) anorak;

7) pull-over or fleece jacket;

8) sunglasses;

9) cap;

10) flashlight ;

11) gloves ;

12) telescopic poles;

13) personal first aid kit;

14) mosquito spray.