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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Best dive sites

Best 10 dive sites of Kamchatka dive club “ORCA”

Visiting an octopus

Here you can see plumb underwater wall with difference of depth (20 to 30 meters). On the depth of 12 meters the rock “Camel”, consisting of 2 humps, which leads down to 50 meters, cleaves thickness of water. On the first hump you can see a lot of of pricky crabs, and between the humps – the octopus Doflein. The method of diving was devised by dive club ORCA, the author is Vitaly Tereshenko (the member of the club).

The crabs’ sphere


This site is destined for those who want to confront a huge monster of underwater world of the far East – a prickly crab. The crabs, sticked by several layers, cover round underwater lump, creating an impression of the sphere or globe.

Flight with guillemonts



Do you want to dive with birds? This site is created for you. Your cameras will depict underwater flights of guillemonts and the way they hunt. These amazing birds can hold their breath and dive up to 30 meters.

Dancing with sea lion


The site passes on the breath. You will be in center of sea lions flock, surrounding you like a dance. They are everywhere: they keep you in a constant tension, compelling you heart to beat terribly. The authors are Anna Butkovskaya and Yulia Semenycheva (the members of Orca club), principles of whose are used during diving.

Visiting the Wonderland


This site reminds a fairy-tale “Alice in the Wonderland”. Diving in the depth of 22 meters, you hit the world of jellyfish weddings and gardens of sea anemone.

The steamship “Yucagir”


Parts of the steamship “Yucagir”, spread on the depth of 6 to 22 meters, which were shipwrecked close to the shore of Kamchatka in 1932. The place was kindly given by Alexandr Fedoseev, independent instructor.

The MiBai peak



 The sight is designed for extreme lowers.  The pioneers were the members of a dive club of city Vladimir Milytin and Sergey Baikov. The peculiar “pyramid” of Mibai has picturesque wall, became overgrown with sea anemones and other sea plants. They reach depth of 42 meters. This site is intended for advanced divers.

The cave of Pilyugaitsev


Dive passes through vertical wall, reaching darkness and pressing wall, reaching 22 merets. Attendant darkness and pressing walls capture your spirit. The author is Roman Pilyugaitsev, the member of the “Orca” club.

Snorkeling with ringed seal



There are intricate ringed seals at the small seaside. Desired people can try to swim with these kind of animals using tubes and flippers. Dive guide will divide confidential methods of diving with ringed seal with you. It was elaborated by the members of the “Orca” club. The author is Yulia Semenycheva.

Diving with orcas


The method of diving with orcas is confidential. It was elaborated and approved by the head of the “Orca” dive club – Anna Butkovskaia in august of 2011.

Dive club “Orca” devised methods of diving with orcas, sea lions, ringed seal, guillemonts, octopuses and the club will divide with pleasure information with arriving dive groups.