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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Boat tours


Our company carries out boat tours in following directions:

"Three brousers" stones (duration 3 hours);

"Starichkov" Island (duration 5 hours);

"Russkaya" Bay (duration 9 hours).

Boat tour to "Three brouthers" stones.

The Avacha Gulf is one of the most beautiful and comfortable sea harbors in the world. This gulf is like a “bag” with very narrow mouth. Width of the gulf  at the most wide place is 18 km and the width at the mouth is just 3 km. Depth in the middle of the bay is 25-28 m and depth at the mouth is 6-14 m. 3 of 4 cities of the peninsula are situated at the basin of the bay and there is about 80% of all population of the region. Bay coast is embayed and there are a lot of small picturesque bays. 32 species of fish constantly live at Avacha bay . Parr of all pacific salmon fattens here. Almost all year round in the bay there are several species of flounder, rock trout, pigfish, sea bass and halibut. In addition there are a lot of sea birds. Major rookeries are located at the entrance of  Avacha bay on freestanding stones - Kekura and at inaccessible to terrestrial predators coastal steep slopes. In the bays, located at the entrance to Avacha mouth seals constantly live, which  have  curiosity and do not afraid to be closer to people. There are big animals like orcas, but they do not swim near the coast.

A boat tour to "Starichkov" Island.

A boat tour goes across the bays Tihaya, Stanitskaya, Bezymyannaya and comes out of  the Avacha bay in direction of the Island Starichkov. Famous Russian explorer GA Sarychev introduced in the official documents  the island's name – “Starichkov”  in 1789 because of the “small seabirds that make their nests in it in great variety." The island is natural reserve where seabird colonies live such as pelagic cormorant, red-faced cormorant, slaty-backed gull, tarrock, pigeon guillemot, sooty guillemot, Brunnich's guillemot, Atlantic murre, ancient murrelet, Tufted Puffin and horned puffin. There are several nests of Steller's sea eagle and seal’s bed. The length of the island is less than 1 mile and its width is in 2 times smaller and its height is 147,5 m. the coastline is indented and bordered by above-water and underwater stones and sometimes by bushes. On the way to the island you can meet orcas.

During the travelling you will be offered a launch (fresh fish soup, some snacks, tea, coffee etc), be given special equipment for half hourly fishing. Experienced diver would get from the bottom of sea urchins and crabs; guide will conduct an entertaining tour.

Boat tour to bay "Russkaya".

We will go to the sea at 6 in the morning to catch sleeping nature of the ocean. On the way you can see orcas, dolphins and whales; and on the way crossing the La Perouse Strait you can see sea apes what laze in the sun. At ten o'clock or so the boat will put back to the shore at the bay Russkaya where you can see northern sea lions’ bed. Then there will be a stop quiet, cozy cove where you will be given full gear for sea fishing for flounder, perch, saffron cod, halibut, cod, blue painter… tourists will be offered a fresh fish soup, appetizers and seafood to degust (sea-urchins and crabs), which experienced diver will get during the tour. Numerous rockeries can be seen during the boat trip such as cormorants, puffins, auklets, ducks, different gulls and other birds. They fly from dusk till dawn and try to get a take at patches of right water.