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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Schedule of club events for 2014 year

                                                                                   The motto of the season: "Dreams Come True!"

 "Only children really know how to dream. Let's not confuse dreams with goals. Let our dreams are so foolish, like children have".

11.05. Underwater birthday! Congratulations to all the "May"-birthday members of the Club. Please bring a bottle of champagne.

18.05. NITROX training on board in a day of chemist-submariner. You should have a table and a little ingenuity.

25.05. Open a new mystery of a planet "Ocean". Deep-sea diving. You should have a buoy, a flashlight and a strong drink.

31.05. Father's Day. It’s a dream of every woman because she can relax. Please bring yours children.

07.06. Beer festival. Note in the wild bay, with a good mood and a beer.

15.06. Festival "Ahomten". Outlet for two days with overnight. Please bring food, tents, a love of nature.

19.06. BIRTHDAY of CLUB "ORCA". We are 13 years old! Please bring gifts, warm wishes from the heart.

21.06. Birthdays in June! Celebrate in a forest glade. Exit on ATV. You should have a supply of hot drinks and meat for kebabs.

29.06. Event "Summer trophy" to catch the biggest fish. Please bring a fishing rod and luck.

06.07. Underwater kiss in International Kiss Day. Courses from experienced dive masters. You should have a girls.

13.07. Wedding "make-believe" under water in a day of love. Registration of marriage on board, the captain is betrothed. Also note calico, wood, silver, etc. weddings. You should have a rings and champagne.

20.07. Skill lessons on board on the day of the photographer. Teaches professional.Please bring a camera.

26.07. The dream of the sky. Should have a courage and spare warm clothes.

03.08. Chocolate Festival. Dream Island. You should have a sense of humor and chocolate.

10.08. Conquest of the elements "land" on the day of climbing. In Mountain on ATV. Please bring sunglasses, scarf, gloves and fortitude.

17.08. The dream of woman is to a dream for men! Inspection of the underwater kingdom of flowers with a professional.

24.08. We are together! Moms, dads and kids on the sea promenade in family day. Please bring a smile and a pair of binoculars to watch the families of orcas.

30.08. Dream to perpetuate yourself name. Go to search for a new dive site. You should have a tablet with pen and curiosity.

07.09. ATV trip to an artificial waterfall. With a desire to have a swim and a change of clothes.

14.09. Dream of summer days. Stress Reliever before autumn. Deep-sea diving and landing for the fight with pillows. Please bring a pillow,  fighting mood.

21.09. Cherished dream. Each has its own. Outlet to the ocean to close the season. You should have a dream and a coin! Will throw money into the sea and guessing the innermost.   

Schedule of the sea may be adjusted due to weather conditions.