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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Since 2001, on the basis of the club there is a travel company "ORCA Diving". Our company specialized in water tourism: diving, boating and fishing. Since 2008, we have a new direction - ATV-tours. There are  about 10 ATV in our park, including double. In 2014, we became "pioneers" of aeronautics in Kamchatka, bringing to our region the first hot air balloon! By the end of the year, we added to his collection another one balloon which looks like red heart.  Our company has a comfortable base for accommodation located in an ecologically clean area, three kilometers from the city in the forest zone, the bus for the transfer, two boats VIP and economy classes, rental of diving equipment, ATVs and two big air balloons.

As in aeronautics, the company «ORCA Diving» was the "pioneer" in diving in Kamchatka.  Now we are the only tour operator who works by PADI system in our region.  The basis of the company is specialists, who know and love their job.  We guarantee you the highest level of service, good food, comfort and safety.  Apart from tourism, we take a proactive stance in the fight for the preservation of the unique environment and pristine nature of the Kamchatka Peninsula. We cooperate with the Government and the edge of the project organizers FEROP (FAR EAST RUSSIA ORCA PROJECT).

If you've always wanted to go to the Kamchatka Peninsula, so welcome to the ends of the earth, the land of great beauty and unforgettable experiences!

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General director Butkovskaia Anna

Manager Yelena

Captain of the boat "ORCA" Butkovskiy Sergey

Captain of the boat "Aquatoty" Evdokimov Sergey

Diveinstructor Derechin Constantin

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