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Diving with sea lions. Russian Bay. June'15

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Trophy halibut

It's the dream of every fisherman. Fishing takes place in beautiful, totally unspoilt places (District of Bechevinskaya Bay, Peninsula Shipunsky - running time from home port to the area of ??fishing - not less than four hours, overnight on the boat). Along the way, and during the fishing you can observed diversity of native fauna, both marine and terrestrial. You can be sure of meeting whales and grampuses, and of course halibut with the value of  half  human growth.

Dates: June-September

Program (2 days):

Day 1:

Transfer to the parking of boats, landing on the boat. Going to kekuru «Sentry», the passage of the bay Quiet (watch for Steller's Sea Eagle's Nest) and exploring the cliffs "Behemoth," "Elephant," "Turtle" natural monument "Grandmother Stone". Passage of the bay Stanitskogo, stones Anuchina, Nameless Cove. Going behind the line of capes, reaching the ocean. Going to Cape Shipunskii bypassing island Toporkov, Cape Nalychevo, island Krasheninnikova. Arriving in the Bay Bechevinskaya. Lunch. At this time the diver is diving for seafood (spiny crab, sea urchins). Cooking produced delicacies (urchin roe is the largest protein mass, 57 amino acids, multivitamin set, healing properties - treating infertility, increases the potency). Sea fishing. Overnight on the boat. Under the program provides full meals, which includes a variety of seafood.

Day 2:

Early breakfast. Fishing for trophy halibut. Diver is diving for seafood (spiny crab, sea urchins). Returning to Avachinskaya Bay. Stopping near kekurov Three Brothers / Bay Nameless (select fishing place - due to weather conditions), fishing (flounder, halibut, flax, bull). Return to boats parking. Under the program provides full meals, which includes a variety of seafood.


Program  includes:

1) rent boats;

2) food;

3) services of cooker.



1) sports windproof clothing;

2) sunglasses;

3) sunblock.


Force Majeure:

1. weather conditions (heavy fog, storm, etc.);

2. actions of the military and government agencies.


* You must have a passport.