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In the past Sunday our club went to sea on the final diving of this season." Immersed in the vicinity of Starichkov Isl.. The weather was great. Half of the group drifted closer to shore, where they met the "star" of this diving-day - male of Steller sea lion, which was clearly in a playful mood and persistently kept up our strawberries, constantly approaching at arm's length. The second part of the group managed to escape to a more impressive depth in a relaxed atmosphere. There were many in the shells of crustaceans, which are so densely covered with sandy bottom, it seemed to be moving. Visibility in different places was different, something where the slurry was prevented strongly enough, however, the second part of the group noted that this year, the visibility is almost always, surprisingly, was very good! Water temperature is about 6 degrees. Dive season of 2014 in the club Orka solemnly declared closed! All waiting for the annual holiday season CLOSING next weekend! Details of the inquiry on Thursday on the club floor!

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